Based in Santa Fe, NM, WestGate Properties specializes in the management of multi-tenant commercial properties and homeowners associations.

Our goal is to promote community through highly responsive management with the aim that quality of life, quality of work and the value of your investment is improved. Our services include:


Commercial Property Management:

WestGate manages multi tenant commercial properties, medical buildings and retail shopping centers. Services include a range of management activities including full charge bookkeeping, rent collection, tenant relations, CAM analysis, budgeting dispute resolution, regular inspections, risk assessment and detailed monthly management reports.


Community Association Management:

A Community Association is typically a group of homes, town homes, condominiums or businesses incorporated as a homeowner association or condominium association with common areas and services. WestGate is hired by the Board of Directors to manage the community association assets.



WestGate will organize and attend board and annual meetings, maintain association archives, respond to owner concerns, resolve owner or tenant disputes, work with insurance companies, legal and accounting professionals, prepare and send mailings and notices, monthly financial and management reports and function as the primary administrative office of the association.



WestGate prepares budgets, pays bills, collects rents and dues, prepares delinquency reports, income/expense statements, budget reports, balance sheets and the full range of bookkeeping services.


Property Maintenance:

WestGate Properties has a large network of preferred vendors who handle the maintenance needs of any sized property. WestGate will organize and oversee both day to day maintenance and large projects including stucco, roofing and landscaping. WestGate coordinates insurance claim restorations promptly and professionally. Please see our links area for recommended contractors.



WestGate Properties provides fee based consulting services for HOA boards and commercial property owners. WestGate can assist you with budget preparation, annual meeting planning and systems review and organization.