All Things Real Estate Podcast June 10, 2012

This program features Tom Simon of WestGate Properties and Rachel Winston of The Winston Firm.  Rachel Winston specializes in condominium and HOA Law.  The program is about the ABC’s of common interest assocation governance and management.  They discussed the pros and cons of the New Mexico HOA Act, legislations that was introduced and failed to pass in the 2011 New Mexico legislative session and may be introduced again in the 2013 session.

There is also commentary from Christine Pderson, President of the Los Arryos Condomiums, who reported about the most difficult problem that she faced as a Board President and how collaboration by Tom Simon and Rachel Winston helped the Board arrive at a decision.

Click here to listen: All Things Real Estate Podcast June 10, 2012

If this podcast gives rise to questions, please email Tom Simon at

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