Solving the Number 2 Problem at HOA and Condo Associations

An important consideration when writing Rules and Regulations for a Condominium or Homeowner Association is whether or not that Rule and Regulation can be enforced. The “number 2” problem is of course, owners who don’t clean up after their dogs. Poo Prints, a firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee has now solved this problem through the science of DNA.

Many communities already require pets to be registered with the association where they live. Using PooPrints, the association manager simply swabs the inside of the pets’ cheek and sends the swab off to the DNA testing lab where the sample is registered on the World Pet Registry. Once registered, this information is available to the dog owner if his or her canine friend is ever lost or stolen and they need to prove ownership. The information is also accessible to the community manager.

If a registered pet poops in the common area and its human companion doesn’t clean up the mess, the community manager takes a sample of the poop and sends it to the Bio Pet Vet Laboratory in Knoxville where the DNA from the poop is matched to the DNA sample from the cheek swab and the match reported to the manager. Once the “poopetrator” has been identified, the manager sends a bill that covers the cost of the test and a fine to prevent future infractions of the rule. Communities who have implemented this program report a dramatic reduction in what Stephen Colbert reports as Public Enemy Number 2 (Colbert Report for Tuesday, June 19, 2012).

For more information about this unique solution contact me at and I can assist you or your manager in setting up this program in your community. You can obtain more information about PooPrints at and about the Pet Registry at

Tom Simon is a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), Association Management Specialist (AMS) and Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) and Managing Member of WestGate Properties LLC

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