Community Association Insurance

Is your association adequately insured? What is Fidelity insurance and why do you need it? Join us for a special Halloween edition of All Things Real Estate where we will discuss association insurance and the various policies required. Bonnie Davis and Tom Simon filled in for regular host, Rey Post, with two hours of commentary and ghoulish fun!

Community Association Reserve Studies

What is a reserve study and why does your association need one? Make sure your association has enough funds saved for those major improvements such as a new roof, stucco, or parking lot. Reserve study specialist, DJ Vlaming, will joined Bonnie Davis in the second hour of the show to discuss capital reserve funding in community associations. […]

Tips for first time home buyers in Community Associations

Are you a first time home buyer? This show is for you. Find out what kind of legal questions to ask when purchasing a home, and learn more about the lending process! Ron Blessey, Bonnie Davis and Javier Delgado shared their advice and Rey Post will specifically address purchasing a home in a community association. […]

Santa Fe’s Short Term Rental Ordinance

Learn how renters become homeowners and what investors need to know about local short-term rentals. Donna Jones White, owner Santa Fe Vacation Rentals, addressed how renters become homeowners and in the second hour, the focus shifted to the Santa Fe Short Term Rental Ordinance. Bonnie Davis and Randy Randall, executive director of TOURISM Santa Fe, discussed the changes to […]

Alameda Condo Association, special on-site broadcast

The show aired at the Alameda Condo Community, located at 1405 Vegas Verdes Road, one block east of Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe. There were tours of these fine real estate condos, free food and beverages, and useful real estate commentary. The show will air from the landscaped interior courtyard of the Alameda. Rey Post interviewed a variety of […]

Resales and Lending in Community Associations

Walkthrough the hypothetical process of a buyer being brought to the table with the desire to use a lender to purchase a property in an HOA/COA community. Learn about the resale side of the equation, with extra attention on the real estate broker elements of the process. In the second hour of the podcast, Bonnie and […]

Real Estate Development in Santa Fe, NM and more.

Tom Simon and City of Santa Fe Councilor and Mayor Pro-Tem Peter Ives, discuss budget and development challenges in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Javier Delgado, attorney with Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado, and Bolen provides advice for boards of directors regarding dealing with tenant issue in condominium association.  Vince Marciano of ADV Insurance, a local insurance agency […]

Rentals in Condo Associations

Your host Bonnie Davis is joined by Donna Jones White of Santa Fe Vacation Rentals, and Javier Delgado, attorney with Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado, and Bolen for a discussion on rental agents and community managers working together as well as understanding your governing documents when it comes to rentals. In addition, Vince Marciano of ADV Insurance delivers his monthly insurance […]

Condominium and HOA Community Safety

Your host Bonnie Davis is joined by Officer William Cordova of the Santa Fe Police Department’s community relations division, and Javier Delgado, attorney with Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado, and Bolen. They discuss what legal obligations, if any, Boards have to keep residents safe and Officer Cordova shares some highlights from the Neighborhood Watch Manual he authored so residents […]

Condominium Reserve Studies

Your host Bonnie Davis is joined by DJ Vlaming of Association Reserves, and Javier Delgado, attorney with Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado, and Bolen. They discuss the process of obtaining a professional reserve study, what it entails, and why it’s important for your association to have as a budgeting tool and to demonstrate fiscal responsibility as well as a […]