Condominium Reserve Studies

Your host Bonnie Davis is joined by DJ Vlaming of Association Reserves, and Javier Delgado, attorney with Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado, and Bolen. They discuss the process of obtaining a professional reserve study, what it entails, and why it’s important for your association to have as a budgeting tool and to demonstrate fiscal responsibility as well as a […]

Association Budgeting

Host Bonnie Davis is joined by Kevin Brennan, CPA with Swain & Grieco, LLC, and Javier Delgado, attorney with Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado, and Bolen.  They delve into the responsibilities of the Board as it pertains to developing an a annual association budget and walk through the process of creating a functional operating budget to frame your association’s […]

Effective Leadership in Small Communities

WestGate Properties’ PCAM Bonnie Davis and ATRE sponsor, Attorney Javier Delgado, discuss some specific challenges small associations face and how to overcome them.  Joel Thomas, Board Member from a small Santa Fe community association will be in the studio to offer his personal experience with leadership in a small community.  In addition, insurance adviser Vince […]

Board Secretary – Board Agenda as a Time Management Tool

I have seen many different types of agendas in my 22 years of managing association from no agenda at all to the emailed agenda sent the day of the meeting or the agenda that’s delivered at the meeting.   Although I’m guilty of having prepared such agendas myself in the olden days, none are considered a […]

How Boards (Should) Operate

Consider the following situation: A committee in a condominium association made a recommendation to the board to raise dues 5%.

A committee member felt strongly that the dues should have been raised more and circulated a letter to all unit owners titled “Reality Check” that recommended a 10% increase and that anyone who can’t afford this should consider selling their unit and moving elsewhere. He felt strongly about his position, argued it forcefully in the committee but when he lost the debate he brought his argument “to the people” hoping to shape the final board decision.