All Things Real Estate Podcast January 15, 2012

This show features Tom Simon of WestGate Properties and Ron Blessey of Homebuyers Mortgage discussing condo and home refinancing issues.  Ron also discusses interest rates and rule changes from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  Tom Simon discusses issues facing condominium and homeowner associations in 2012 and the different challenges of condominium and commercial property management.  Listen to host Rey Post weave this […]

Annual Condo Association Meetings

This is the time of year that many community associations hold their annual and budget meetings.  Annual Meetings give owners the opportunity to vote for board members and typically to ratify (but often times not approve) the annual budget.  There are notice provisions for the annual meeting that must be strictly observed.  Among these, notice must […]

Why Hire a Certified Association Manager?

Just as the level of experience and education make a real difference in the ability of a real estate licensee to serve their client, and the commitment that Realtors make to high ethical standards adds tangible value to the service they provide, so too does the credentialed professional association manager add tangible value to the […]

FHA Elibibility Madness

FHA was formed in 1934 to create a national financing system by insuring mortgages for a fee paid by the lender.  The insurance is only available if the loan meets certain requirements.  At least 30% of mortgages are insured by FHA so their guidelines are important and are shaping the way condominiums conduct business. Recent […]

A Sound Idea—Noise in Condos

Noise is a concern for every resident and because you live in a community, it’s important to understand that some degree of noise is to be expected. At the same time, residents need to consider the consequences of their noisy behavior. To keep everyone happy and maintain civility among neighbors, the association asks that you […]

Director as Fiduciary

The director also owes a duty of undivided loyalty and honesty, which is why a prudent one avoids conflicts of interest as much as possible.

Funding Capital Improvements through a Bank Loan

When associations have capital needs, there are three options for obtaining funds: Use existing reserves. Approve a Special Assessment. Borrow the funds from a bank. Option 3 is the subject of this article. First, determine if the association can borrow money by reading the Bylaws and Declaration, which will often cap what the board can […]

WestGate Properties Articles

The following articles are about condominium management, HOA management and commercial property management. If you are an owner of a commercial property, on a board of directors or owner in a condo or HOA association then you will find topics of interest here. If you have any questions about any of the information contained in […]